Our Story

Millions of miles of pipeline carry water, oil, gas, and a host of other materials all around the world to enable our modern way of life. Advocates and critics alike understand the potential impact these pipelines, and the success or failure of the systems that moderate them, can have on our lives and our lands.

Such high-stakes challenges warrant innovative solutions that draw on the best available technologies. This has been realized not in the conventional tech hotbeds of the American coasts, but in the heartland, where the issue is particularly up close and personal.

In 2017, our partner, Bridger Pipeline, identified a need for improved monitoring and leak detection in their pipelines across the Rocky Mountain West. They not only realized that existing technologies were inadequate, but also that there was an opportunity to merge their decades of industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to build a better solution.

To see these solutions come to life and to integrate them into the market, Bridger sought a partnership with experienced software professionals (that’s us!), and Flowstate was born.

Collaborating with major national players, Flowstate is leveraging the predictive and proactive capabilities of big data and artificial intelligence to develop the best-in-class industry solutions, by creating a new standard for leak detection systems — meaning safer pipelines and a cleaner environment.

Meet The Team

Jerad Stack

Co-Founder and CEO

Jerad has built a career out of developing products and companies. As CEO, he formulates and executes the Flowstate’s strategies to deliver improved leak detection solutions to the industry.

Angie Schrader

Co-Founder and COO

Angie brings a diverse skillset to Flowstate, providing leadership in systems engineering and product management.

Braden Fitz-Gerald

VP of Technology

With over a decade of experience as research scientist in the energy sector from ExxonMobil to startup Solspec – Braden provides expert technological leadership to our R&D and SW Development teams.