Let’s Do a Demo

Want to kick the tires?

Let's Do a Demo

Are you curious to see how the Flowstate LDS might work with your system? 

A demo project can not only help you understand how our system works, but can give you a glimpse of how it might look on your system. 

Check out the process below…

Typical LDS Demo Timeline

Timing of a demo project depends on factors such as scheduling of meeting, timeliness of data access authorization … and of course completion of NDAs and such. All that aside, here is a typical demo timeline:

1 Day
Review System Data

A successful demo starts with a short engineering review to discuss your system & the specific scope of the project.

1-8 Weeks
Supply Data

We have a short list of data needs, including a tag list, P&IDs, & 6-8 weeks of operational data in a CSV fie.

You will receive a leak detection analysis of your segment and its devices.

1-2 Weeks
Build Demo Model

Barring issues with data or operations in the data set, the segment will be analyzed, and a demo model can be built in 1-2 weeks.

1 Week
Demo in Cloud

Your demo segment and leak detection models will be configured in our cloud installation of the LDS where you can see how the solution might work on your system.

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