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Segment Health Monitor

How do you know your leak detection solution is working as it should?

You’ve made an investment in leak detection on your system. But how can you be assured that performance will last?


What's In CPM Standards

Wondering what is required in federal regulations regarding leak detection on your hazardous liquid pipeline?

See how the Flowstate LDS has been built to support the guidelines in API RP 1130.

Leak Detection Solutions

Learn More about Flowstate Leak Detection Solutions by exploring our Case Studies. 

Get Close to Your Data

What can you do with better access to your data?

See some examples of how you can get more from a leak detection system with Flowstate PipeIntel data visualization.

Get Closer to Your Data

What can you do with better access to your data?

In building leak detection systems, we have worked with customers to collect, integrate, visualize, and provide access to data in new and innovative ways – delivering value beyond monitoring for leaks.

And we’ve done it in way that is safe and secure.



Flowstate has conducted numerous commodity withdrawal tests on various pipeline segments. This has allowed for verification and validation of the Flowstate LDS solution as well as provided valuable data for research and development.


Withdrawal Tests