What can you do with better access to your data?

–  Diagnose issues
–  Optimize operations
–  Communicate across teams
–  Make data-driven decisions


In building leak detection systems, we have worked with customers to collect, integrate, visualize, and provide access to data in new and innovative ways – delivering value beyond monitoring for leaks.

And we’ve done it in way that is safe and secure.

I’ve never been this close to my data. Having this kind of information at hand is a game changer.

Tad True
Vice President, Bridger Pipeline

Enabling Access

The first step is access. To be able to effectively use your data, you must first be able to get to it.

Today’s security standards can make that very difficult to do.  But there are new technologies that can enable you to safely access and utilize your data. We’ve been able to blaze this trail with our customers. 

A safe but accessible data infrastructure can empower you to share information about your operations across functional teams and make data-informed decisions. Imagine that power!

Value in Visualization

What can your data be telling you?

There is so much insight to be gained from being able to view your operational data.  Easy access to measurement data, as well as leak detection results, enables operational troubleshooting, alarm diagnosis, and performance optimization.  

Getting More Data

There are many cases were additional data is needed, but getting it is difficult due to lacking instrumentation and limited access to power or communications. Flowstate works with solution partners to tackle this problem in a couple ways. 

  • We have worked with measurement providers like Toku Industries to add pressure monitoring to a line and integrate the data with the rest of the pipeline operations.  
  • Getting data from remote – even mobile – locations is also possible through the use of edge devices. We have used this technology on our leak skid to collect real-time “leak” data during withdrawal testing from remote valve locations. 

Get more than just leak detection.

Give us a call to learn more about the value you can get beyond leak detection from a system like the Flowstate LDS.