Flowstate LDS

Removing barriers to pipeline leak detection

Pipeline operators shouldn’t have to compromise on leak detection because of prohibitive costs. We believe that modern technology can offer solutions that are best in class AND affordable.  

Practical, Customized Pricing

The Flowstate Leak Detection System (LDS) is priced to enable affordable entry (low capex) and a monthly operating expense that is tailored to your pipeline and leak detection strategy. 

One-Time Fee



Upfront cost to get you going; includes engineering reviews, data connection, & platform set-up.


Foundational elements to build on; includes the software, databases, user authentication, and more.


Individualized cost per pipeline segment tailored to specific operations and leak detection goals.


Our Implementation Team will work with you to gather information and help prepare materials and infrastructure necessary to stand up your LDS. 

Implementation includes:

  • Engineering Review of System
  • Data Connection
  • Data Quality Check
  • Segment Onboarding

The implementation fee depends on the size and complexity of your system and is influenced by factors such as data accessibility. 


The Flowstate LDS is nominally provided on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

The platform includes databases, the user interface, and all necessary computational resources.  It also includes these features and benefits:

  • Unlimited users
  • User Management & Access Control
  • Online Help and Web Training
  • 8x5 Business Hours Customer Support
  • and more!

Need additional platform features like on-premise (local) installation or live back-up?

Take a look at our platform add-ons below.

Segment Model Set

The Flowstate LDS is priced to accommodate the size and complexity of your system and your individual leak detection plan. A variety of detection methods are available and are priced per-segment, allowing your system to grow and for solutions to be customized to the unique needs of a segment.

The best leak detection methods for a particular scenario are often determined by the characteristics of the segment. Learn more about our segment classification. 

Enhanced Line Balance


Statistical Volume Balance

Signature Recognition

  • Statistical line balance over selected intervals
  • Suitable for most pipelines
  • Designed specifically for reliable detection of rupture events
  • Best suited for packed lines
  • Capable of detecting small leaks in a short amount of time
  • Requires minimal instrumentation & is robust to transient operations
  • Can provide high sensitivity and fast detection times
  • Best suited for high, steady flow lines with few transients


We are dedicated to helping operators add or improve leak detection on their pipeline. Beyond our basic platform and segment-specific leak detection models, we offer additional solutions and services to help meet your needs.  

Data Collection

Flowstate LDS is built to utilize data already being collected on a pipeline and is ready for import into a database. If your data is not already accessible, or you need additional infrastructure to get your data into our database, we have some options for you.   

  • Data Collection via Edge Devices
  • OPC Server
  • Data Historian
  • One-way Data Transmission (Data Diode)

Platform Enhancement

Our basic platform has been designed and priced for ease of use and affordable implementation. We have additional platform options available if you have additional install or security needs. 

  • Single Sign On Authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Redundancy or Disaster Recovery
  • On-Premise Installation

Support Services

Our basic offering includes online training and resources as well as business hours support.  If you need additional services – even support with commodity withdrawal tests – we’d be happy to discuss options. 

  • On Site Training
  • Extended Support
  • Commodity Withdrawal Tests (Leak Simulations)

Need more?

Do you need more than what is listed above? We'd be happy to discuss your specific goals.