Leak Detection Solutions

Mobilizing extensive data and leading technologies to maximize accuracy and efficiency of leak detection.

Driven by

Industry Expertise

Empowered by our experience and knowledge of pipeline management, Flowstate is creating a new standard for leak detection software.

Dedicated to

Environmental Stewardship

We understand the impact that pipelines have on our lives and our land. Flowstate is delivering technology designed to enable fast and thorough leak detection.

Defined by

Solution Efficiency

Our focus is improving access and minimizing the obstacles to accurate, reliable and timely leak detection.

Flowstate's Origin

In 2017, our partner, Bridger Pipeline, identified a need for improved monitoring and leak detection in their pipelines across the Rocky Mountain West. They not only realized that existing technologies were inadequate, but also that there was an opportunity to merge their decades of industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to build a better solution.

Developed through Intelligent Innovation

Flowstate is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to enable solutions for an industry in constant need of speed and evolution.

    Our Technical Partners

    We work closely with our partner organizations to lead the charge in providing cutting-edge solutions for pipeline leak detection. We look forward to continuing to expand this invaluable part of our operation.

    Career & Jobs

    We’re building a team of tech rockstars who value solving world-changing problems as much as living a life of adventure and immersed in community.